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Weekdays from 3:00pm to 9:00pm at Impact Arizona starting Mar 1, 2018
Come check out San Tan Valley's only Tumbling and Cheerleading gym! Impact Tumble and Cheer was established in 2013.

Impact Teams

Impact Acro and Impact Power TeamGym

Acro and tumbling is a competitive sport ranging in ages 6 through college. Disciplines of Acro and tumbling consist of stunting pyramid, tosses, tumbling and teams within a disciplinary form that follows the guidelines of the new NCAA emerging sport for women.

Cheer Ages 5-7 No purchase required to enroll

Cheer Ages 5-7 is for athletes who will be 5-7 years of age during the 2021-2022 season (May 21- April 22)

Impact Tumbling

Evaluation Hour Free

Impact Arizona's evaluation classes are designed to evaluate each athlete with consistent skill evaluation (one coach to evaluate all athletes).

This will do two things;

1st empower the athlete by providing them with exactly what skills they need to move from lil flippers, lil kick it, kick it, flip it and up.

2nd, the evaluation will help our staff appropriately place your athlete with peers working similar skills, ultimately allowing for better class structure and skill development.

Evaluation classes are designed to welcome new clients as well as advance existing clients into higher level tumbling classes.

Lil Flippers (3-6YRS) 1 visit free

Age 3-6 years old

Developing Speed, Agility, Flexibility and Strength using fun games. Expanding body awareness through skill progression and circuit based utilizing bars, beam, trampoline, mats and floor exercise

Little Kick It (5-6yrs) 1 visit free

Lil Kick It is a class specifically designed for 5-6 year olds which incorporates all of the same tumbling skills as Kick It in a fast pace class to keep the athletes moving.

Kick It (6-18yrs) 1 visit free

Kick it: Beginning (6 - 18 yoa)

Kick It – Fundamentals is a great way to learn a strong tumbling foundation. Participants will successfully master the cartwheel, round off, handstand, and back bend. The athlete will begin skills that will help their bodies develop to be a strong tumbler and cheerleader. The athlete will be able to perform all skills in synchronization to counts.

Advanced Kick It ( 6-18yrs) 1 visit free

Advanced Kick it: 6-18yrs

Advanced Kick It – Bronze is designed to increase the understanding of the basic tumbling fundamentals. Athletes will build core strength and body awareness. Time will be spent focusing on solid foundations on the cartwheel, round off, back/front walkovers, and handstand skills. Each athlete will be introduced to the steps of a back handspring to help prepare them for Flip It – Silver Level Tumbling

Flip It (6-18yoa) 1 visit free

Flip it: 6-18yrs

Flip It – Silver is for students who have a basic knowledge of tumbling. Students participating in this class must have a solid foundation in basic tumbling. Students will successfully master the round-off back handspring, a standing back handspring and a front handspring. Each athlete will be pushed to gain strength and power in their tumbling. Students will also begin connecting front tumbling to their round-off back handspring. Students will begin skills that will help their bodies develop into strong tumblers and cheerleaders, performing all skills in synchronization to counts.

Make up class $10 per classPurchase required to enroll

Did you miss class during the week and now have a make up?

At Impact AZ we know scheduling can be difficult at times and things come up. That is whey we are offering a drop in make up class on Thursdays at 6pm.

Please pre-register for this class if you are wanting a make up as we will only allow 8 athletes per week.

Flip & Fit Class From $10 per visit with 10 Visit Punchcard passNo purchase required to enroll

Hey homeschool parents are you ready for P.E.? Flip and Fit Class is a tumbling spicific class and P.E. class. Stay active, physically fit and enjoy movement in this fast pace class.

This is a punch card style class. You buy a 10 visit punch card and that gets you 10 classes.

Tot Tumble 1 visit free

A Parent-assisted class designed to allow toddlers to explore the gym, feel the equipment, acclimate to the gym space and provide opportunities for social interaction while developing fine and gross motor skills. Ages 18 months-3 years.

All Level Tumble 1 visit free

Our Highly qualified coaches adapt to each athletes needs within the all level tumble. From no experience to very experienced our coaches will work each athletes individual skill level progress appropriately. Ages 6 years-18 years.

Private Lessons, Camps, Clinics

Fun Gym $5 per classNo purchase required to enroll

Come tumble and play with us! Fun gym is also used for make up classes during regular session tumbling!

30min Private Lessons $30 per appointmentFrom $25 per visit with Private Lesson (Member) passNo purchase required to enroll

Receive 1 on 1 instruction for skills. Advance your tumbling, flexibility, and strength.
$30 for non-members and $25 for members of Impact Cheer Elite

Hour Private $50 per appointmentNo purchase required to enroll

Stunt Clinic $20 per classFrom $20 per visit with Stunt Clinic passNo purchase required to enroll

Stunt Clinic is for athletes who are wanting to work on flying or try flying for the first time.. We provide bases you learn to fly...

Backhand Spring and Above Clinic $20 per classFrom $20 per visit with Tumbling Clinic passNo purchase required to enroll

This Clinic is for athletes working their backhand spring and above.

Backhand Spring and Below Clinic $20 per classFrom $20 per visit with Tumbling Clinic passNo purchase required to enroll

This Clinic is for athletes working their backhand spring and below.

Acro and Tumbling, Power Team and Cheer Meeting Free

Are you interested in a team sport? Impact Arizona is excited to educate you about what teams we offer. Attending this meeting will give you a complete over view of the following programs.

Acro and Tumbling - the newest emerging sport for women and affiliated with the NCAA providing college scholarships.

Power Team is another great USAG program which focuses on individual tumbling skills and team synchronization.

Cheerleading - Competitive Team sport focusing on jumps stunts, tumbling and dance.

Facility Rentals

School Outreach

High School Tumbling

For High School Athletes