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Fundamentals Cheerleading

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Fundamentals Cheerleading at Impact Cheer Elite is a great opportunity for families to get the feel of what Cheerleading is all about. Fundamentals will take your athlete from the foundations of Cheerleading all the way through to level 1 skills. Building confidence, cardiovascular training, team work and leadership skill along the way.

At Impact Cheer Elite the big difference between Fundamentals Cheerleading and our other teams is time commitment, financial commitment, and performances. Fundamentals is the same price as a tumbling or dance class, athletes are committed for 12 weeks (plus showcase), and class is only 1 day per week. Your athletes will be included in our tribe as a member of this amazing program while learning and having fun. $60 per month for 1 hour per week, or combine a tumbling class for 2 hours per week at $100 per month.

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