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Tumble East Mesa

1 visit freeFrom $12 per visit with Summer 2018 Punchcard pass
Age 6-18 years old

Class Attire
Form fitting clothing which will not go over head when going upside down, hair pulled back out of face and secure, no shoes, and no jewelry

Athletes will work to increase body awareness, coordination through the use of tumbling skills and movement while increasing strength and flexibility. increasing proprioception, autonomy, single leg recruitment and balance.

Skill Focus
Working straddle forward rolls, backward roll to a pushup, handstands, cartwheels, backbends, round-offs, backbend kickovers, front limbers. Back walkover, Front walkover, Front Handspring, Roundoff rebound series, Front and Backhandsprings, Oversplits, Handstand Walks, Back Extension Rolls, Roundoff, Power Frontwalkover front handspring, front lever back walkover, developing opposite side skills (doing all skills with a straight leg), Standing Tumbling: Backwalkover Backhandspring, Backhandspring series, Aerials, Roundoff 3 Backhandsprings, Back and Front Tucks, Layouts and Fulls