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Intermediate Aerial Arts Class



Be prepared to build strength and coordination while working your way higher up the silks! In this class, students will become more familiar with basic climbs and wraps, gaining body control and awareness. We will progress from ground work to moving higher in the air as comfort level and technique expand. Be prepared to ‘hang out’ in this class for awhile as you build strength and work toward mastery of skills needed to progress to level 2. Each student is challenged within the parameters of their ability level within the class setting- there’s something for everyone here!


  • 6 hangs in hollow body: Same side bent arm and straight arm hangs held for 6 seconds on both sides; middle straight and bent arm hangs held for 6 seconds
  • Straddle inversion and gazelle in the knot
  • Straddle inversion with a spotter- bent arms both sides and middle
  • Classic climb halfway up and inchworm down
  • Hollow body
  • Safe practice and spotting technique
  • Minimum of 2 sessions of Intro to Aerial Fitness or private instruction equivalent
  • Instructor Approval

Skills Taught:

  • Russian Climb
  • Hand Over Hand Descent
  • Angel Descent
  • Leg Lock Sequence
  • Foot Knot Sequences
  • Lotus
  • Straddle inversions without knot
  • Man in the Moon
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