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Impact Teams

Impact Acro and Tumling competes under USA Gymnastics sanctioned meet's under Gymnastics for All.
  • Team A&T is broken into three divisions; Novice, Junior, and Senior. All divisions are designed for the competitive athlete to develop the skill set needed to pursue advancement into NCATA; National Collegiate Acrobatics and Tumbling. Teams compete in a head-to-head format in Acro, Pyramid, Toss, Tumbling, and Team Routine categories. Team A&T can be competed at local invitationals and the Gymnastics for All National Championships and Gymfest. A&T is the newest emerging sport for women at the collegiate level sanctions by NCAA. Many scholarships are offered throughout the country.
Impact Cheerleading competes under USA Cheer sanctioned events.
  • Cheerleading has expanded so much throughout the years due to cheerleading encompassing so many other sports, including; gymnastics, acrobats, dance, and tumbling. Cheerleading teams typically consist of 8-36 athletes on one team, with all team members bringing different attributes and skills, to make the team successful. Cheerleading competitions include a 2.5-minute routine where all athletes perform together. Cheerleading is a great opportunity for families to enjoy a team sport in a fun, challenging, and engaging atmosphere.
Impact Power TeamGym competes under USA Gymnastic sanctioned meet's under the Gymnastics for All.
  • Power TeamGym is a competitive version of Gymnastics for All gymnastics where squads of athletes perform together in two events – Group Floor Exercise and Group Jump (tumbling, vault, and mini-tramp). Currently, there are 10 difficulty levels. Squads are made up of 6-14 gymnasts and are judged as a team based on difficulty requirements and execution. Power TeamGym can be competed at local invitationals, at the Gymnastics for All National Championships, and Gymfest and international invitationals.

Impact Acro and Impact Power TeamGym

Acro and tumbling is a competitive sport ranging in ages 6 through college. Disciplines of Acro and tumbling consist of stunting pyramid, tosses, tumbling and teams within a disciplinary form that follows the guidelines of the new NCAA emerging sport for women.

Cheer Ages 5-7 No purchase required to enroll

Cheer Ages 5-7 is for athletes who will be 5-7 years of age during the 2021-2022 season (May 21- April 22)