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Evaluation Hour Free

This class is designed to evaluate each athlete with consistent skill evaluation (one coach to evaluate all athletes). This will do two things 1st empower the athlete because they will know exactly what skills they need to move from lil rollers, kick it, flip it and up. 2nd it will help our staff in regards to coaching because all athletes will have peers with similar skills allowing for better class structure and skill development.

Rollers (2-3yrs) No purchase required to enroll

Improving basic coordination, strength and flexibility while developing listening skills and attention spans.

Developing basic motor skills through circuit instruction within a group setting (colors, shapes, numbers, etc)

Skills Focus: Forward & Backward Roll, Split handstand, Cartwheel, Bridge, Split introduction, plyometrics and single leg recruitment

Lil Flippers (3-6YRS) $13.75 per class

Developing Speed, Agility, Flexibility and Strength using fun games. Expanding body awareness through skill progression and circuit based class utilizing bars, beam, trampoline, mats and floor exercise.

Skills Focus: Forward & Backward Roll, Handstand, Cartwheel, Bridge, Splits, Plyometrics, Balance and memorization of skill progression

Kick It (6-18yoa) $13.75 per class

Kick it: Beginning (6 - 18 yoa)

Increase body awareness, coordination through the use of tumbling skills and movement while increasing strength and flexibility. increasing proprioception, autonomy, single leg recruitment and balance.

Skill Focus: Working straddle forward rolls, backward roll to a pushup, handstands, cartwheels, backbends, round-offs, backbend kickovers, front limbers.

Advanced Kick It ( 6-18yrs)

Advanced Kick it: 6-18yrs

Pre requisite: Backbend kick-over, Front limber (handstand bridge stand up), Power Roundoff

Skill Focus: Back walkover, Front walkover, Front Handspring, Roundoff rebound series

Flip It (6-18yoa) $13.75 per class

Flip it: 6-18yrs

Pre requisite: (sequence) Frontwalkover Cartwheel Backwalkover, Power Hurdle Roundoff Backward Roll to 5 pushups

Skill Focus: Front and Backhandsprings, Oversplits, Handstand Walks, Back Extension Rolls, Roundoff, Power Frontwalkover front handspring, front lever back walkover, developing opposite side skills (doing all skills with “silly” leg)

Tuck It (6-18yoa) Purchase required to enroll

Tuck it: 6-18yrs:

Pre requisite: Straight leg, feet together, strong arms, standing Backhandspring and Power Roundoff Backhandspring

Skill Focus: Standing Tumbling: Backwalkover Backhandspring, Backhandspring series, Aerials, Roundoff 3 Backhandsprings, Back and Front Tucks, Layouts and Fulls

Hour Private $50 per appointmentNo purchase required to enroll

Get It

Need to 'Get' skills for cheer? This class focuses on individual skill development. Flexibility, running and standing tumbling, jumps, motion and dance. Get these skills and be prepared!