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Competitive Cheer

All-Star Cheerleading has expanded so much throughout the years due to cheerleading encompassing so many other sports, including; gymnastics, acrobats, dance and power tumbling. Cheerleading teams typically consist of 8-36 athletes on one team, with all team members bringing different attributes and skills, which makes the team successful. This is a season long commitment which encompasses a 2.5 minute routine which will be used during competitions throughout the season (mainly Aug-April).

Prep Cheerleading - STV 1 visit free

Prep Cheerleading at Impact Cheer Elite is a great opportunity for families to get the feel of what Competitive Cheerleading is all about. Cheerleading has evolved thgrougut the last 6 years into a great sport which builds confidence, develops cardiovascular training, develops team work and leadership skill.

At Impact Cheer Elite the big difference between Prep Cheerleading and the Elite teams are the time commitment and financial commitment but thats it. Your athlete will be included in our tribe as a member of this amazing program. Check out http://tumbleandcheer.com/what-we-offer/cheerleading/ to find our evaluation packets.

Or simply contact us today for a evaluation, open practices though July teams form in August.

Impact Flyers Stretch Class No purchase required to enroll